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One Word Substitution Dictionary, General English questions with answers for competitive exams, In English, there are many words which express the idea of a group of words. However, it is supposed that if the students make themselves familiar with some of them which are very important, they will not only increase their vocabulary but at the same time also develop the profitable habit of choosing short clear-cut words for correct and precise word expressions.

List of common 30 questions of General English questions  for all competitive exams(One-word Substitution)

1. Speech delivered without previous thought or preparation is called - Extempore

2. Person of good appearance and manners - Debonair

3. The branch of medicine dealing with children and their disease - Pediatrics

4. To receive people as guests and to provide them food etc. - Host

5. Property inherited from one's father or ancestor - Patrimony
6. He who abstains from intoxicants - Teetotaller

7. The idea which is capable of being executed - Practicable

8. They found that Harish was no qualified for the job - Ineligible
9. The material is incapable of being burnt - Incombustible

10. They sell the honey they get from the place where bees are kept - Apiary
11. A disease of the mind causing an uncontrollable desire to steal - Kleptomania

12. One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness - Cynic

13. The custom or practice of having more than one husband at the same time - Polyandry

14. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence - Protocol

15. Having superior or intellectual interests and tastes - Highbrow

16. Very pleasing to eat - Palatable

17. One who possesses many talents - Versatile

18. State in which the few govern the many - Oligarchy

19. Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool - Dotage

20. Medical study of skin and its diseases - Dermatology

21. One who looks bright sides of the things - Optimist

22. A general pardon for political offenders - Amnesty

23. A light sailing boat built especially for racing - yacht

24. A fixed orbit in space in relation to Earth - Geo-stationary

25. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge - Pedantic

26. A person who speaks many languages - Linguist

27. To slap with a flap object - Swat

28. Speaking too much to oneself - Egoism

29. A person who hates women - Misogynist

30. A paper written by hands - Manuscript

More list of One Word Substitution of General English Grammar Section

1. One who is present everywhere - Omnipresent

2. One who is all-powerful - Almighty, Omnipotent

3. One who is knows everything - Omniscient

4. That which can be seen through - Transparent

5. Eclipse of the Sun - Solar

6. Eclipse of the moon - lunar

7. A person who loves his country - Patriot

8. A person who dies for his country - Martyr

9. A person who deceives his country - Traitor

10. A person who looks to the dark side of things - Pessimist

11. A person who believes in the existence of God - Theist

12. A person who does not believes in the existence of God - Atheist

13. One who does not know reading and writing - Illiterate

14. A person who hates the institution of marriage - Misogamist

15. The state of being unmarried - Bachelorhood

16. The state of being married - Matrimony

17. A woman whose husband is dead - Widow

18. A man whose wife is dead - Widower

19. That which happens once a year - Annual

20. A lover of mankind - Philanthropist

21. A lover of oneself - Egoist

22. A person with whom money or gain is the most important consideration - Materialistic

23. A person who is very careful about his health - Hygienist

24. A person who is womanish in his habits - Effeminate

25. One who has long experience of any occupation - Veteran

26. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession - Amateur 

27. One who depends on another - Parasite

28. One who is out to destroy all government, law, and order - Anarchist

29. One who eats human flesh - Cannibal

30. Government by one person - Autocracy

31. Government by the rich - Plutocracy

32. Government by the nobles - Aristocracy

33. Government by the official - Bureaucracy

34. Government by the people, of the people and for the people - Democracy

35. The art practice by statesmen and politicians - Diplomacy

36. One who takes up arms against the government - Rebel

37. Articles sent from one country to the other - Export

38. Articles received by the country from the other - Import

39. Murder of oneself - Suicide

40. Murder of man - Homicide

41. Murder of an infant - Infanticide

42. Murder of mother - Matricide

43. Murder of father - Patricide

44. An animal which gives milk - Mammals

45. Along with narrative poem - Epic

46. The life story of a man written by himself - Autobiography

47. The life story of a man written by someone else - Biography

48. The first speech delivered by a person - Maiden

49. A medicine that induces sleep - Narcotic

50. An office for which no salary is paid - Honorary

51. A person who is unable to pay his debts - Insolvent

52. A student who runs away from class without permission - Truant

53. The sum paid to a man for his labour - Remuneration

54. A soldier who fights for the sake of money - Mercenary

55. Gold or Silver in the form of bars - Bullion

56.  A game or battle in which no party gains victory - Draw

57. To import the goods illegally without the payment of customs duties - Smuggle

58. To turn out of society and fellowship - Ostracize

59. Fit to be chosen - Eligible

60. A sound that cannot be heard - Inaudible

61. Incapable of being corrected - Incorrigible

62. Incapable of being wounded - Invulnerable

63. Incapable of being imitated - Inimitable

64. Incapable of being avoided - Inevitable

65. Incapable of being read - Illegible

66. Incapable of being repaired - Irreparable

67. A fault which may be forgiven - Venial

68. A person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another - Emigrant

69. A person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there -

70. One who commits the first act of attack, offense or hostility - Aggressor

71. To send out of one's native country - Expatriate

72. An established principle of practical wisdom - Maxim

73. The worship of idols or images - Idolatry

74. One who leads others in any field - Pioneer

75. One who lends money on high rates of interest - Usurer

76. The school for the art of learning - Academy

77. Information considered to be reliable - Authentic

78. A member of the middle class - Bourgeois

79. A Carriage for the sick or the wounded - Ambulance

80. Words with the same meaning - Synonyms

81. Anything decided with one voice - Unanimous

82. One who does not take meat - Vegetarian

83. A collection of living birds and animals - Zoo

84. A person with a bad reputation - Notorious

85. love which is unlawful or impure - Illicit

86. Money paid to employees after retirement - Gratuity

87. Fit to be eaten - Edible

88. A letter which post office is unable to deliver - Dead letter

89. A sole right of dealing with a thing - Monopoly

90. A body that makes laws - Legislature

91. To steal a human being - Kidnap

92. To charge with a crime - Impeach

93. The state of sleeplessness - Insomnia

94. One who had neither mother nor father - Orphan

95. One who has no legal father - Bastard

96. That which is no longer current - Outdated or out of fashion

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