Jun 18, 2019

Latest Gk Questions, Current Affairs of June 2019-Useful for all Competitive Exams

Online Gk Questions, Daily Current Affairs of June 2019, Answer in one word for the questions of Civil Services, Banks, SSC, Railways, Defence & Other Competitive Exams.

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latest gk questions

Current Affairs of June 2019

1) Who has won the prestigious man booker international Prize-2019 for the Arabic novel 'Celestial bodies'___Jokha Alharthi

2) Which Indian mountain was recently included by UNESCO in the tentative list of World Heritage Sites__Mount Kailash

3) Which ministry is set to introduce artificial intelligence system in MCA 21 portal__Ministry of Corporate Affairs

4) Who has recently scripted history by becoming first woman pilot of Indian Air force to qualify to undertake combat missions on a fighter jet__Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth

5) Who is the first black African woman to conquer Mt. Everest in her 4th attempt recently__Saray Khumalo

6) Who has been recently honored with the JFK Profile in Courage Award-2019__Nancy Pelosi

7) Which Indian personality has won the Dag Hammarskjold Medal for courage & sacrifice in the line of duty__Jitender Kumar

8) Which Malawian soldier will be honored with the United Nation's highest peacekeeping award, known as 'Captain Mbaye Diagne Medal for Exceptional Courage'__Chancy Chitete

9) Which country has recently launched 'Golden Card' Permanent Residency Scheme to woo wealthy individuals & exceptional talents from all over the World__United Arab Emirates

10) Who has been recently selected for Japan's Second Highest National Award called 'The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star'__Former Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran

11) Who was recently received the 'Global Asian of the Year Award 2018-19' for the yeoman services & contribution towards Women's Healthcare Ecosystem__Hema Divakar

12) Which University has honored Indra Nooyi with an honorary doctorate of Humane Letters recognizing her achievements in business__Yale University

13) The lawmakers of which nation has recently amended the penal code to introduce life sentence without parole__Serbia

14) A High-Level committee on Digital Payments recently submitted its report to the RBI. The Committee is headed by whom__Nandan Nilekani

15) Which company has recently achieved Guinness Book of World Records Certificate for 'Largest laundry Lesson' under #ShareTheLoad campaign__Airtel India

16) Which famous Bollywood personality was recently appointed as the brand ambassador of Tractors & Farm Equipment Ltd.__Akshay Kumar

17) Which scientist from Pune has recently conferred with 'German Chemistry Prize'__Ankur Patwardhan

18)Which Indian city has recently topped the list of the most vulnerable cities to cyber attacks in 2019__Mumbai

General Knowledge questions and answers based on History

1) With which system of philosophy the name of Kapila is prominently associated__Sankhya

2) Dasavatara temple of Nagra style is located at which place__Jhansi (Lalitpur)

3) Who built the Kailash temple of Ellora__Krishna-I

4) During the reign of which emperor the Hamzanama paintings were produced__Emperor Akbar

5) Who built the famous Shalimar Bagh of srinagar__Jahangir

6) Which Mughal ruler constructed A new city called as Din Panah on the bank of Yamuna river__Humayun

7) What was the royal emblem of the Chola rulers in the Sangam age__Tiger

8) Which Sultan of Delhi brought the Ashokan pillar to Delhi__Firoz Shah Tughlaq

9) Who was the founder of the Sunga dynasty after the fall of the Mauryas__Pushyamitra Sunga

10) Who called Rabindranath Tagore as 'The Great Sentinel'__Mahatma Gandhi

11) Who said, 'The British rule was a bleeding drain from India'__Dadabhai Naoroji

12) Who was also known as the 'Grand Old Man of India'__Dadabhai Naoroji

GK Knowledge Questions based on Science & Technology

1) The researchers at which space agency has recently found evidence of water, organics on Kuiper Belt object 'Ultima Thule'__NASA

2) On which date the World AIDS Vaccine day is observed every year__18th May

3) The researchers at which Canadian university has developed a specialized microscope that can diagnose skin cancer & perform surgeries__Universities of British Columbia

4) On which date International Day for Biological Diversity is observed every year__22nd May

5) ISRO has recently launched its radar imaging satellite RISAT-2B through which launch vehicle__PSLV-C46

6) Where has ISRO recently flagged off India's largest liquid hydrogen storage tank__Sri City in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh

7) The scientists of which research organization has recently discovered Earth's oldest fungi fossil, Ourasphaira Giraldae aged 1 billion years__Liege university of Canada

8) Shaheen-II is the land-based ballistic missile of which country__Pakistan

Online GK Questions based on Geography

1) In which state Gangotri National Park is located__Uttarakhand

2) On which date World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & development is observed__21st May

3) Mahaveer Harina Vanasthali National Park is located in which state__Telangana

4) What is the name of the capital city of Ukraine__Kyiv

5) Which two countries have been recently declared as Malaria-free by WHO__Algeria & Argentina

6) 'Lambadi' is the folk dance of which state__Telangana

7) In which state Orang National Park is located__Assam

8) which is the largest artificial lake in Asia__Bhojtal

9) On which river Sholayar Dam is situated__Sholayar river

10) In which state Sitandi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated__Chhattisgarh

11) Where is Indian Grassland & Fodder Research Institute located__Jhansi

12) Which is the most popular fertilizer for foliar application__Urea

13) In which country the Great Victoria Desert & great Sandy Desert are located__Australia

14) Where is the headquarter of East central railway located in__Hajipur

15) Which shape represents the wall-like formation of magmas__Dykes

Online General Knowledge Questions based on Sports

1) Who has won the men's singles title at the Italian Open Tennis tournament-2019__Rafael Nadal (Spain)

2)  Who has won the women's singles title at the Italian Open Tennis tournament-2019__Karolina Pliskova

3) which social media platforms have become the team sponsor of Indian Wheelchair Cricket Association for Asia Cup-2019__Helo

4) Which Indian spinner has recently started a lifestyle brand, CheQmate__Yuzvendar Chahal

5) Who has successfully scaled the Mt. Everest for a record 23rd times__Kami Rita Sherpa

6) Which team has won Indian Women's League Champion title by defeating Manipur police SC__Sethu FC

7) Who have won the ITF Men's Futures tennis title for the first time__Anirudh Chandrasekar & Niki Poonacha

Current General Knowledge Questions based on Political Science

1) Who has officially been elected as the new President of Indonesia__Joko Widodo

2) Who has been recently appointed as the new Pakistan High Commissioner to India__Mueenul Haq

3) Which high Court has recently ruled that the United Nations is not a State under Article 12 of the Constitution of India__Delhi High Court

4) Who is the youngest BJP candidate to win in the Lok Sabha elections 2019__Tejaswi Surya

5) Who has recently sworn in as the President of Ukraine__Volodymyr Aleksandrovich Zelensky

6) What is the present strength of judges in the Supreme court__31

7) Who has been recently re-elected as the President of South Africa__Cyril Ramaphosa

Current Affairs Questions based on Economics

1) Project SPARROW is associated with which of the following Union Ministries__Ministry Of Finance

2) What does SPARROW stand for__Smart Performance Appraisal Report

3) Which one has become the first Indian State to list Masala bond in overseas market__Kerala

4) Which Indian regulatory body along with IRDAI has introduced regulatory Sandbox Framework for Fintech Startups__Securities & Exchange Board of India

5) Which Indian Life insurance company was conferred with 'Claims Excellence Award' by FICCI__Bharti AXA Life Insurance

6) Which institution recently announced the creation of a specialized supervisory and regulatory structure for commercial banks, urban cooperative banks and NBFCs__Reserve Bank of India

7) Starbucks has recently opened 'Silent Cafe' in which country__China

8) What is the name of the central bank of Nepal__Nepal Rastra Bank

9) Which country has recently banned the use of Chinese digital wallets Alipay & weChat__Nepal

10) Which state has recorded 15% Gross State domestic product growth in FY19 with Rs. 8,66,875 crore__Telangana

11) Which one becomes India's biggest firm in terms of revenue by overtaking Indian Oil corporation__Reliance Industries

12) Which famous Bollywood personality was recently appointed as the brand ambassador of UPI payments application 'BharatPe'__Salman Khan

General Knowledge Questions 

1) On which date International Museum Day is observed every year__18th May

2) PCT Humanity has recently set the new Guinness World records for holding longest iftar. Who is the founder of the charity__Joginder Singh Salaria

3) On which date World Metrology Day is observed every year__20th May

4) Priyanka Mohite, the first Indian woman to successfully scale Mount Makalu, is from which state__Maharashtra

5) On which date world bee Day is observed every year__20th May

6) Where was the first Pacific Vanguard Naval Exercise held recently__Guam, USA

7) On which date National Anti-terrorism Day is observed in India__21st May

8) What does TAPI stand for__Turkmen-e-stan-Afgan-e-stan-Pak-e-stan-India

9) Where is the headquarter of the United Nation Environment Programme located__Nairobi

10) On which date International commonwealth Day is observed__24th May

11) Who is the author of the memoir titled 'Coming Round the Mountain'__Ruskin Bond


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