May 10, 2019

General Studies Questions with answers, Current Affairs of May 2019

General Studies Questions with answersAnswer in one word for the questions of Civil services, Banks, Railways, SSC, UPSC & other exams.

See the following Current Affairs of May 2019

* Which Metro rail corporation has recently kick-started an initiative to become the world's first 100% solar-powered metro-Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

* Which country's peacekeepers were awarded Medals of Honour for their supreme dedication and sacrifices in South Sudan under the UN Mission in South Sudan- India

* Which nation has successfully launched its 1st satellite into space under Japan's Birds project- Nepal

* Who has been recently appointed as the corporate manager of the Dubai based 'RAKEZ' - Ravi Jayadritha Shastri

* Which film has won the best cinematography award at Beijing International Film Festival 2019- Malayalam film 'Bhayanakam'

* The Supreme Court has determined which illness as a ground to spare death row convicts from the gallows- Mental illness

* Name the Indigenously designed & constructed guided-missile destroyer launched by Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lamba recently- INS Imphal

* Which International organization has recently released the guidelines on the usage of digital health technology to boost the health of the people- World Health Organization

* Who was recently designated as the member of Railway Board under Signal & Telecom department- N. Kashinath

* Which Padma Bhushan awardee was recently honored with the prestigious UK Royal Society honor- Yusuf Hamied

* Who was honored with 'Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant Award 2018-2019' for writing ' Samvidhan Kavya', a poetic version of the Indian Constitution- Sunil Kumar Gautam

* Which country will host the annual G20 leader's summit in November 2020-
Saudi Arabia

* Which university's Intellectual Property Rights cell has been recently selected for the National Intellectual Property Award-2019 for its contributions in GI & promotion of registered GI- Kerala Agricultural University

* Which country has been nominated as the ' Guest of honor' country at the 29th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair- India

* Who has been conferred with the National Intellectual Property Award for 2019 in the category of top Individual for Patents & Commercialization- Benny Antony

* In which year the Archaeological Society of India was established in its current form- 1861

* In which Buddhist scripture religious practices in the contemporary period of Buddha have been mentioned- Brahmajala Sutta

* The name of which river was mentioned mostly in early Vedic literature - Sindhu

* In which book the famous dialogue between Nachiketa & Yama is mentioned - Kathopanishad

* Which is the first metal to be extensively used by the people in India- copper

* Near which river the famous ' Battle of Kings' between Bharat & the host of ten chiefs was fought- Purushni

* The research team of which institute has recently identified a new method to detect breast & ovarian cancer recently- IIT Roorkee

* Which scientific journal has recently published about the first molecule of the universe-Helium hydride ion (HeH+) that is formed 380,000 years after the big bang- Nature

* Which one is the world's largest airborne observatory- SOFIA

* What is the full name of SOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy

* A new species of which bird have been recently spotted at Andaman & Nicobar by the researchers of Zoological Survey of India - East Asian birds 'Horsefield bronze Cuckoo'

* Name the combined immune deficiency disorder which is recently cured by gene therapy developed from HIV - Bubble boy

* In which country world's first malaria vaccine RTSS is also known as Mosquirix was launched- Malawi

* Chhyoiphel Kundeling monastery is located in which country- Nepal

* Which Indian city is known as the city of Beauty- Chandigarh

* 'Kikli" is the famous folk dance of which state- Punjab

* Which one is the capital city of Rwanda- Kigali

* A site containing 220 million-year-old fossilized remains of dinosaurs has recently discovered in which country- Argentina

* In which state Desert National Park is located- Rajasthan

* Mount Agung is the active volcano of which country- Indonesia

* On which date 'International Mother Earth Day' is observed every year- 22nd April

* Which one is the capital city of Serbia- Belgrade

* 'Thiruvathirakali' is a dance form of which state- Kerala

* Which famous Indian cricketer was recently appointed as the brand ambassador of redBus- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

* Which Indian sportsperson has received the New Zealand Prime Minister's Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship for 2019- Deepa Malik

* Who has been recently named the captain of the Indian squad for the ICC World Cup-2019 in England & Wales -Virat Kohli

* Who has won the women's race in Paris Marathon-2019 - Gelete Burka (Ethiopia)

* Who has won the men's race in Paris Marathon-2019 - Abrha Milaw (Ethiopia)

* Who was appointed recently as the general secretary of Judo Union, Asian governing body- Mukesh Kumar

* Who has recently made history by clinching Monte Carlo Masters title as the first Italian to win an ATP Masters 1000 title - Fabio Fognini

* Which team has won the Santosh Trophy Football tournament title by defeating Punjab - Services

* Which Indian sportsperson has clinched India's first gold at the Asian Wrestling Championship 2019- Bajrang Punia

* Which Indian sportsperson has clinched in the Asian Athletics championships-2019 - Gomathi Marimuthu

* Who has been recently appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Lebanon - Suhel Ajaz Khan

* Which Payment Bank has recently joined hands with Bharti AXA General Insurance for a two-wheeler insurance product - Airtel Payments Bank

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