Jan 31, 2019



        GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS                            


* Whom Muhammad Ghori defeated in the battle of Chandawar in 1194? - Jai Chand of Gahadavala dynasty.

* Who was the writer of the famous travelogue Rihla in Arabic? - Ibn Battuta

* Who adorned Rammohan Roy with the title Raja? - Mughal ruler Akbar II

* Dhangdev was a famous king of which dynasty - Chandelas of Jejakabhukti.

* What was the royal Emblem of Chola Kings in South India - Tiger

* Which freedom fighter is popularly known as Indian Bismarck - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

* Which Indian patriot died in jail due to the hunger strike - Yatindra Nath Das

* Who was the viceroy of India when the Simon Commission came to India - Edward Frederick Lindley wood

                        SCIENCE & TECNOLOGY

 * Scientists belonging to which space exploration agency have detected the evidence of water in 17 asteroids - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

* Which one is the most distant object ever spotted in our solar system - Farout.

* System was recently launched by India to improve data relay and communication links with its Remote Sensing Earth observation satellites - Indian Data Relay Satellite System(IDRSS)

* India's first military flight using blended biojet feul has been successfully flown on which aircraft - AN - 32

* Researchers institute have recently developed a new technique to produce high value graphene with 88% graphene yield from discarded dry cell batteries - Visvesvaraya national Institute of Technology, Nagpur

*Which country has recently launched its first communication satellite from a long March 11 carrier rocket to provide Broadband Internet Services worldwide to remain Google and other firms - China.

* On which date National mathematics day is observed in India - 22nd December.

* Which robotic lander of NASA has recently set up its first instrument on planet Mars - InSight.

* What does InSight stand for - Interior exploration using seismic investigations, geodesy & heat transport

*ISRO has successfully launched its military satellite GSAT 7A through which launch vehicle - GSLV - F11

* Central drugs standard organisation has researched safety guidelines regarding the use of which oral drug - Isotretinoin

* Which Aerospace company has recently launched the first Global positioning system III satellite - Space X


* According to Indian forest status report - 2018, how much area in India is covered by forests - 24 - 40 percent

* What is the capacity of India's most powerful electrical locomotive engine made in Madhepura locomotive factory - 12000 HP

* In which state is Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary located - Goa

* Which city has been recently confirmed as the new political capital of Burundi - Gitega

* When was winter solstice the shortest day of the year observed in the Northern hemisphere and summer solstice, longest day of the year observed in the southern hemisphere - 21st December

* Anak krakatau, or 'child of krakatoa' is a volcanic Island situated in which country - Indonesia


* Who has been recently appointed as the new coach of the Indian women's cricket team - Woorkeri Venkat Raman

* Who was recently elected as the President of archery Association of India - B.V.P. Rao.

* Who becomes the fastest Asian to cycle the globe - Vedangi Kulkarni

* Which country was stopped in Federation International De Football Association global ranking in 2018 - Belgium

* Which Indian Football Club has own GTA chairman gold Cup 2018 by defeating Mohammedam - East Bengal

* Who was recently awarded drivers driver of the Year 2018 - Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

* Which football club team has won the club World Cup 2018 by defeating AI Ain in the final - Real Madrid

* Who has been recently elected the president of South Asian fencing body for a period of 4 years - Rajeev Mehta

* Who is the president of Indian Olympic Federation at present - Narinder Dhruv Batra

                            POLITICAL SCIENCE

* Who has been recently appointed as the new Chairman of Central Board of indirect taxes and Customs - Pranab Kumar Das

* Who has been recently appointed as the first full time chief Vigilance Officer in SEBI - Aarti Chhabra Shrivastava

* Who was recently elected as vice president of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and industry for 2018 - 2019 - Uday Shankar

* What is the currency of Myanmar - Burmese Kyat

* What is the currency of Iran - Rial

* Where is the headquarter of Oriental Insurance Company - New Delhi

* Where is the headquarter of HDFC - ERGO General Insurance Company- Mumbai

* Which scheme was recognised as world's largest Insurance Scheme launched in India - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

* What is the rank of India in the Global gender gap index 2018 - 108th

* Who has been recently appointed the chief financial officer of Infosys - Nilanjan Roy