Dec 16, 2018

Current affairs November 2018

                       Current Affairs

1. Who was recently appointed as the first "Youth Advocate' of the north-eastern region of UNICEF
India -Nahid Afrin.

2. Which State Govt. has recently launched 'Bhudaar portal to make land records accessible to people with unique identification numbers just like Aadhar number- Andhra Pradesh.

3. The first Indian National Institute of Inter-Faith Studies will be set up in which state-Punjab.

4. Which Indian personality has been honoured with the 3rd Sayaji Ratna Award 2018-Amitabh Bachchan.

5. Which pharma company has recently launched a chatbot named 'ANYA' to provide medically verified information for health-related queries - Lupin.

6. Which State Govt. has recently passed a bill to give land rights to enclave dwellers-West Bengal.

7. Which famous bollywood personality was recently appointed as the first brand ambassador of Uber Eats - Alia Bhatt.

12. Which State Govt. has come out with lexicons of 21 rare tribal languages to preserve vanishing native languages -Odisha.

13. Which Central Armed of Light) Police Force has recently joined hands with Dudhwa Delhi wher

Tiger Reserve to provide India in security to its forests - Sashastra Sima Bal.

14. Which famous music director has composed the  Odisha Men's Hockey 20 World Cup-2018 anthem-Allahrakka Rahman

15. Which state has recently  passed the Maratha Reservation Bill approving reservation for the Maratha community-Maharashtra.

16. What is the name of the first indigenously built engineless train in India that was recently completed country trials of running at 115 km/ hr speed - Train 18.


17. The famous 'Gayatri Mantra' was addressed to which God Savitri (God of Light).

18. Who was the sultan of Delhi when Timur attacked India in 1398 Sultan Mahmud Tughlaq.

19. Who was the founder of Dharma Sabha in 1829 in Calcutta-Radhakant Dev.

20. When was Tipu Sultan killed in a battle with British Army 1799 AD.

21. Which freedom fighter & social reformer was associated with the Bhudan Movement- Vinayak Narahari Bhave.

Science &Technology

22. On which date World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day is observed-21st November

23. The researchers of which IIT have recently developed smartphone-based sensor to detect adulteration in milk IIT Hyderabad.

24. Scientists of which country have recently developed enzymes using radio frequency radiationfor the first time -USA

25. Which state/union territory was recently declared by Zoological Survey of India as home to 10th of India's fauna species & hosts 1,067 endemicfaunal species found nowhere else Andaman & Nicobar islands.

26. Which shipbuilder company has recentlyunveiled two fast patrol vessels ICGS Amrit Kaur & ICGS Kamla Devi in the river Hooghly in Kolkata - Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.

27. Scientists from which institute have built & flown first-ever silent airplane with no moving propellers or jet turbines Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

28. 'Zarya', the first component of the International Space Station was launched by which space agency recently-Roscosmos.

29. The Cloud seeding project of which IIT has been recently approved by the Union Govt. to induce artificial rain to clear Delhi air IIT-Kanpur.


30. In which state Dudhwa National Park is located Uttar Pradesh.

31. In which year, Andaman & Nicobar Islands Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation was
promulgated- 1956.

32. Which Indian organisation has won the Asia Environment Enforcement Awards-2018-Wildlife
Crime Control Bureau.

33. Which one is the capital city of Seychelles-Victoria.

34. Which cyclone has been recently declared 'rarest cyclone', as per latest report by RIMES-Titli.

35. In which year the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as
Waterfowl Habitat was inked - 2nd February, 1971


36. Who becomes the 1st woman boxer to win 6 world championship titles_Chungneijang Mary Kom


37. In which year, Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte won her first gold in the Women's World Boxing

Championship- 2002.

38. Which nation's team has clinched Under-17 boys Subroto Cup International Football Tournament-2018 Bangladesh

39. Who has become the first player to score 11,000 runs in Ranji Trophy cricket - Wasim Jaffer.

40. Who has won the men's singles title of Syed Modi International Badmintorn Championships-2018

Sameer Verma.

41. Who has become the first Indian golfer to win European Tour 'Rookie of the Year' Award-2018

Subhankar Sharma.

42. Which Indian Cricketer is the first one in the history of T10 league to pick up a hat trick Pravin Kunal Tambe.

43. Which nation's cricket team has won ICC Women's World Twenty20- 2018 by defeating England


44. Which Indian sportsperson was recently appointed as the brand ambassador of Apollo Tyres

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

45. Who has won Abu Dhabi Grand Prix title-2018 of Formula-1- Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.

46. Who has become the first Indian to win gold in Senior Commonwealth Fencing Championship-

2018 -Bhavani Devi.

Political Science

47. On which date Indian Constitution Day is observed every year in  India- 26th November. 

48. Who has been recently appointed as new chief  election commissioner by Union Govt.- Sunil Arora. 

49. What is the maximum number of judges (excluding Chief Justice) that can be appointed in the

Supreme Court of India-25,

50. Which article of Indian Constitution spells out a major foreign policy objective for the country-Article 51.

51. Who was the first chief election commissioner of India -Sukumer Sen.

52. According to Indian Constitution, who retains the power of declaring war

. or peace-The President.


53. Which bank has been recently brought under the purview of RTI, CVC& State Legislature Jammu & Kashmir Bank.

54. Who is the chief executive officer of Jammu & Kashmir Bank at present Parvez Ahmad.

55. Where is the headquarter of Jammu & Kashmir Bank Srinagar

56. Who has been recently appointed as the managing director of State Bank of Mauritius of India operation Sidharth Rath.

57. Who has been recently appointed as the chief commercial officer of AirAsia India - Sanjay Kumar

58. Which state has topped the highest employability rate as per latest India Skills Report -2019- Andhra Pradesh.

59. Who has been recently appointed by Union Govt. as Convenor of Task Force drafting a New Direct Tax Legislation- Akhilesh Ranjan.

60. In which city the first- ever India Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue was held - Saint Petersburg.

61. What is the name of currency of Cape Verde Cape Verdeán escudo.

62. What is the name of central bank of Zimbabwe- Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

63. Where is the headquarter of Corporation Bank-Mangalore..

64. What is the tag line of Dena Bank-Your Trusted Family Bank.

General Knowledge

65. On which date World Fisheries Day is observed every year-21st November.

66. In which year Zoological Survey of India was established- 1 July,1916.

67. Where is the headquarter of Zoological Survey of India -Kolkata.

68. On which date International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed every
year 25th November.

69. In which year Sashastra Seema Bal was established 1963.

70. On which date National Milk Day is observed every year-26th November.